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Property for sale in East Mallorca

There are 8 coastal municipalities and villages: Arta, Petra, Porto Cristo, Porto Colom, Manacor, Felantix, Costa dels Pins and Canyamel.

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East Mallorca encompasses the rural, laid-back and traditional, with some of the island’s most prized blue-flag beaches on the doorstep.

The coast offers amazing diversity, from the wild and completely unspoilt to sheltered, relaxing bays and famous, expansive sandy beaches offering every facility.

Pockets of the northern part of the east coast are known for heavy development, catering for holiday makers drawn by the long, beautiful beaches. Look past the high-rise apartments and hotels of the resorts, though, and you will find nature reserves and spots marked as Natural Areas of Special Interest.

Farther south, the natural formation of the coastline has prevented mass-development. Broken up by smaller coves, here you can find pretty port towns with friendly communities and authentic character.

For those seeking peace, exclusivity and luxury, there are several such treasured locations dotted along the east coast, close to world-class golf resorts, such as charming Costa dels Pins, one of Mallorca’s top Addresses for luxury property

The other side of Mallorca

The countryside in East Mallorca is lush and green. Wine lovers delight in the area around Felantix, which is peppered with vineyards and produces a variety of fresh red and white wines.

The large towns of Arta and Manacor are steeped in a rich history. Watched over by a 14th century fortress, traditional and slow-paced, Arta lies off the tourist track. Manacor has undergone significant redevelopment in recent years, helped by a growing tourist industry. The foreign property market is still relatively new here but is on the increase. With prices remaining reasonable, forecasters have reported that returns on investment in Mallorca’s east- the ‘other Mallorca’- could be highly promising.

Those wanting to make the island their home know that quality of life is high in Mallorca. Pick the right location based on your needs and a high living standard could be even more achievable in the competitively priced east.

As one foreign buyer says: “We have a huge garden with beautiful olive, pistachio, almond, orange, lemon and other citrus trees, and populated by wild rabbits, peacocks, chickens, cats, geckos- and we’re 5 minutes from a choice of about 8 beaches. It’s a kid’s paradise. Centre of town is 3km away, and our nearest neighbour is 300 metres away. We prefer the East because it’s much much less expensive to live very well.”

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