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Spanish NIE number

An NIE number is required for those who either live as resident or own a property in Mallorca or in Spain. This guide will help you in understanding what exactly is an NIE number, how to get one and why do you need one, whether in or out of Spain. So let’s get started

What exactly is a Spanish NIE number?

N.I.E simply stands for Número de Identidad de Extranjero, which translates to Identification number for Foreigners. This identification number acts as your tax number in Spain and an all-purpose identification in the country. An N.I.E number is mandatory for any foreigner who wants to buy a car, buy a property, pay their taxes or get connected to the utilities. Basically any sort of professional, social or financial affairs in Spain will require you to have an N.I.E. Without this Number, the Spanish tax authorities will be unable to process or assess your annual tax payment which include annual Wealtj tax (Patrimonio) and your income tax (IRPF). Both these taxes are declared by property owners in Spain whether they are residents or non-residents.

Non-European citizens will get their N.I.E application at the time of their Spain Residency, while EU citizen will need to apply after they have been a resident in Spain for no more than 3 months. Any Official Spanish residents will also be required to register with the Spain’s population register known as el Padron.

The format of the N.I.E certificate is an A4 white sheet certificate which will have your information such as Name, Surname, City, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, and your unique N.I.E number.

NIE Application

Applications for NIE number can be submitting to any relevant Spanish National Police station which are dedicated for foreign documentation, during your visit to Spain or while you are living in the country. To check all relevant police departments (click for an official list). In case you are outside of Spain, the NIE application can also be submitted to the Spanish Embassy located in your home country.

You can either request the NIE number personally or by authorizing someone(Relative, Friend, solicitors or lawyers) by giving them a Spanish power of attorney. Depending on which region the NIE is applied at, the process may be slightly different (For more information on how to Apply NIE in Madrid, please read below)

A guide is provided for preparing official translations and legal documents in Spain, in case you want to check the required documentation regarding the translation or legalisation of foreign documents.

Requirements for Spanish NIE

Generally requirements for Spanish NIE vary from office to office depending on which one you apply from, However there are some standard documents that are required for the process and these are as follow.

  1. Application form for NIE (EX 15 form); clickto download an English translation of NIE application form, however submission must be made with an application form in Spanish language.
  2. Current Original Passport with at least 1 year validity and one photocopy of the passport.
  3. Two passport size photographs.
  4. A mandatory government fee (around €10.71), that must be paid using a 790 NIE form.
  5. Though you can download the NIE 790 form from the internet. Some of the relevant police station require you to submit the fee with a traditional paper NIE form, these can be collected from any national police stations which are designated for foreign documentation.

For those individual who reside in any areas of Mallorca, you must book an appointment for the NIE number application first .

Applying for a NIE in Palma de Mallorca

If you are applying for NIE from Palma de Mallorca, you must make sure that your have:

  • All relevant documents and payments ready
  • An appointment with the Ministry of Interior by calling the number 902 56 57 01. Please note that all communication and paper work will be in Spanish
  • Must attend the appointment at the designated location.
  • If everything is in order, and documents are approved, your NIE number will be assigned

Where and when do you need an NIE Number

A Spanish NIE number is required whenever you are:

  • Opening a bank account in Mallorca
  • Applying for legal employment
  • Going to pay taxes in Spain
  • Selling or buying automobiles
  • Opening a business or registering as self employed
  • Registering a spanish company
  • Planning on studying in Spain
  • Going to apply for Spanish driver’s license
  • Going to arrange utilities(Not including mobile phone)
  • Though the NIE is required for many more things, but as a general fact, any activities of legal nature will require you to have an NIE number in Spain

NIE Card

  • The certificate for NIE Number mentioned in this guide does not refer to Spanish residency, which requires separate independent procedures and documentation. Even though your Spanish residency card will have your NIE number.
  • Before the NIE number were assigned for can only stay 3 months in some regions of the country.
  • Before the NIE number were assigned for only 3 months in some regions of the country. However, now your NIE Number is permanently assigned to you.
  • You can only exchange your foreign driving license in Spain, if you have both NIE and Spanish residency.
  • In case you want to make a police report, you must take your passport along with your NIE number certificate to the police station.

NIE Spain information

  • For those born in Spain, NIF or Numero de Identificacion Fiscal is a Spaniard’s version of fiscal identification or NIE alternate.
  • CIF: The Certificado de Identificacion Fiscal( CIF) is a tax number assigned to all the companies in Spain. It also served as the VAT number for the company.
  • NIE number will consist of an X or Y followed by around 7 to 8 digits and maybe another letter.
  • Contact Information: Find the relevant police office in Palma de Mallorca
  • NIE payment form Form 790
  • NIE application Form: EX-15 . Please Note this is the Spanish Official Form of the Application EX-15. You can read the English version (just informative) here .
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