Comprehensive guide to buying property in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands of Spain

Since the crisis , most of the investors decide to buy property in Mallorca for the simply reason that Mallorca attract more international visitors that any other destination in Spain, with the extra that Mallorca offers a lot more security that other areas in Spain like coastal areas of Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, etc.

Once I had a customer and I aked him why did you decide to buy property in Mallorca instead of Marbella or other areas in Spain? He said, because my lawyer told me that Mallorca is the most safest place in Europe.

Here are a few guidelines to follow in the legal process of buying, any lawyer in Mallorca will explain you the same guidance:

Finding the right property

After having seen lots of houses and apartments on the island and you finally have seen one that may suit your & your family needs, an offer has to be made.

This can be done through the estate agent (we are expert negotiators particularly in the current time), no needed to be a form letter of intent or similar unless this is requested by the agent.

The Land Registry

Once decided to buy property in Mallorca, the most important document is to register the title deed in the land registry. This document closes the buying cycle and you become the official new owner of the property . You also can easily request information from the land registry of the current owner to find out any charges or encumbrances on the properties that will need to be canceled before you buy officially the property on your name.

Here you can find the link to the official Land Registry website in Spain:

What is the Nota Simple?

The simple land note is a brief excerpt of the content of the entries relating to the property, stating the identity of the property, the identity of the holder or holders of registered rights over it, and the extent, nature and their limitations. It also contains prohibitions or restrictions affecting the rights holders or registered. The simple land note value is purely informative

Obtaining a copy of the nota simple and the cost to request one per via internet is at a rate of 9.02 Euros per property.

Reservation Contract

Once you have agreed a price and all the remaining terms of the property purchase have been agreed with the vendors, the next step is to SECURE the property in order that not a third party can buy. We call this the formalization of the agreement with a reservation contract that has to be signed by the buyer and the seller or their representatives.

NIE Number required to buy a property

The NIE Number is your tax identification number in Spain required to buy a property.

This number is unique and never changes, when more than one person is purchasing the property it is necessary that each person has a NIE number. We, at Mallorca Property can apply for the NIE number for you at a cost of 120 Euros per applicant .

The first occupancy certificate

The license of First Occupation is obtained from the town hall on production of the “Certificado Final de la Obra”. It is a license to inhabit the property, registered for the purpose of local taxes and the connection of services.

This license is granted once the building works have been completed, and allows purchasers to dwell in a property and to contract the electricity & water supply.

The Title Deed of the property

The title deed is the most important document, this is the title deeds to the property.

The lawyer, or the properties owner, or in the case of a mortgage the bank manager will hold the deed, but irrespective of who holds it someone has to collect the finished documents from the notary.

Thousands of deeds lie gathering dust in the notaries uncollected or unregistered because of some minor technicality. In the latter case the property will remain, unregistered until the problem has been rectified.


The Spanish 10 year building insurance is provided by the builder of the property. A copy of this policy will be available which will state the insured value. When the house is occupied, a top up building policy is all that is required by the new owner. The premium is based on the square meter age of the build.

Any additional policy for contents insurance should be dealt with in the normal way.

There is nothing unusual about insurance polices in Spain. While the market leader may be a Spanish company, many British companies now operate in this international market place. The mortgage will be insured by the lender.

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