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How to travel to Mallorca

Travel to Mallorca
Mallorca travel restrictions

Under the current trave restrictions, how can one travel to Spain in June 2020 ?

Due to strict restrictions at the border, it is quite probable to get denied entry into Spain, unless you belong to the following categories:

1. General categories:

• One must be a Resident in Mallorca and property owner
• You are to travel directly to your place of residence in a Schengen Associated state or another member state ( Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) or Andorra
• Should be a spouse of a Spanish partner or citizen and must be registered with the public registry.
• You are a descendant or ascendant of a Spanish citizen, or you either if you live in live in his/her charge and travel with him/her or travel to meet with him/her
• You either have a long term visa from Schengen Associated State or a state of European union.
• Or you must have duly endorsed essential family reasons for your travel.
• You must have duly accredited reasons such as a calamity, humanitarian reasons or situation of need.

II. Categories by reason of the provision of labour services:

• You must be a Cross-border worker.
• Healthcare professionals or elderly care professionals who must come and go to carry out their work activities.
• Professionals responsible for the supply chain and transport of goods as part of their work activities, which includes ship crew, given that the immediate continuation of the trip is pre assured.
• Given the immediate continuation of the trip assurance, flight crews for commercial aircrafts are also allowed.
• Staff of International organizations (NGO’s), Military personnel, diplomatic staff, and any members of the humanitarian organizations are allowed to perform their duties.

What if I don’t fall in the categories mentioned above, when can I fly to Mallorca?

This information is currently unknown, As of now the temporary non-essential travel is restricted until June 15th, However this date itself is tentative. There is a possibility that this date would be extended for several more weeks..

What if I own or rent a property in Spain, but I am not a resident, Am I allowed to travel under this travel restriction?

In case you are not a resident of Spain, you can only be allowed to enter Mallorca if you fall in the categories mentioned above. However, if you don’t fall in any of the above categories, regardless of whether you own or rent a property in Spain, you will not be allowed to enter.

I belong to one of the categories mentioned above, and I have the authorization to enter Mallorca, Do I need to remain in quarantine in my property?

Yes, once you arrive in Spain, it is a must to remain in quarantine for at least 14 days. You are required to stay at your home or accommodation for these 14 days and only go out to buy basic necessities and food items or If you want to visit a doctor in case of a calamity or situation of need.

When will it be possible to travel to Spain without the condition of staying in Quarantine ?

Until the high alert state remains in Spain, this condition will remain. As of now the Alert state is expected to remain until Juner 24.

I have the authorization to enter Spain because I am a truck driver, cross-border worker, health professional or crew member , do I also have to remain in quarantine?

No, In such a case there is no need for you to remain in quarantine, unless you have been recently come in contact with a Covid-19 patient.

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