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Property for sale in Santa Margalida, Mallorca. Fincas, houses and investments properties in Santa Margarita, North of Mallorca

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The municipal town of Santa Margalida occupies a central location to the North of Mallorca tucked in slightly inland off the bay of Alcudia.
With a resident population of 3,195 people, the town is of modest size and although the designated town of the municipality, it is not the largest. Whilst the neighbouring town of Can Picafort is considerably larger with a census reading of 5,685 people, its counterpart of Son Serra de Marina is much smaller with only 535 inhabitants.
Thus the municipality itself is diverse, particularly in terms of the settlements it contains, and with a total population count of 11,207 as of 2008 it is certainly one of the smaller areas of the island.

However, when one takes into account the total land area of this municipality, a reading of just over 72 km2 gives a corresponding population density of 154 people per km2.

Whilst this might not match up to a national average of 223 people per km2, it does indicate a rural setting containing a vibrant and enthusiastic community.
It is for this reason, along with the diverse nature of the towns contained within this municipality that make Santa Margalida such an attractive proposition when planning a stay in Mallorca.

Perfect location to buy a property

Furthermore, the location of this town is worth consideration too when buying a property in Santa Margalida due to the location close to the beaches of Playas de Muro and the North of Mallorca

With a central location on the island, there are plenty of property for sale opportunities to explore the many secluded towns and villages located nearby.

Even further afield, the most popular of attractions and resorts are within easy reach should you wish to observe the contrasts at first hand.

If the idea of variation in what you do sounds appealing, then Santa Margalida may well prove to be the destination you have been looking for.

How to get to Santa Margalida

In terms of transferring to and from the Son Sant Joan International Airport, accessibility is relatively straightforward, and journey times pose few problems. However it is worth noting that this part of the island, and Santa Margalida in particular tend to be overlooked by many of the major tour guide operators.
This invariably raises the need to make your own provisions as far as transfers are concerned. A number of taxis are available at the airport, whilst the use of hire cars is another option. Upon leaving the airport, we recommend taking the MA-19 towards Palma. Rather than entering in to the capital you will need the MA-20 which arcs around it.

The next stage is to head for Alcudia on the MA-13 via Inca. Prior to reaching Alcudia, you will need to turn off onto the MA-3420 and head into Muro. It is here when this road becomes the MA-3430 before arriving in Santa Margalida. The total distance is approximately 50 km and although the final part takes you through rural towns of Muro and Sa Pobla it is more than able to be completed in good time. Our advice is to study a map before you travel.

History of Santa Margalida

Historically, Santa Margalida dates back to the re-conquest of the island at a time when it was retaken from Islamic control. However, the very earliest indicators of old inscriptions and tombstones suggest that settlements existed here during roman times. After being annexed by the Arabs, the great estate of Abenmaaxbar was built up here.

A sense of mystery surrounds where the exact location of the Abenmaaxbar was in relation to the site of the present day settlement of Santa Margalida. The result is a great number of myths and tales that attach themselves to this pleasant agricultural region of Mallorca. What is clear however is that an abundance of wealth was present during this time, and the modern day appearance of the town’s impressive church, built in the year 1232 lays testimony to this.

Because of its location, Santa Margalida offers the visitor a wide range of amenities and attractions, all within easy reach. Set amongst the towns large central square are numerous tapas bars and shops and provide a tempting way to spend a lazy day. If you remain curious to explore a little further, you will be pleased to hear you don’t need to look far.

Things to see near Santa Margalida

The S’Albufera national park is a haven for nature lovers, whilst the picnic trails and cycle paths will appeal to families with young children. Although Santa Margalida may not possess the densely packed beaches of those to the south of the island, their quality is every bit as good and there are plenty to choose from. Although the town is afforded a sense of seclusion, visitors are within close proximity to Can Picafort. This attractive coastal resort retains a low key level of development yet offers tourists plenty in the way of entertainment, shopping and restaurants.

Many rural towns and villages across Mallorca can boast tranquility and seclusion. However, not all can offer the advantages of such a central location that Santa Margalida can. A stay in this attractive small town will immerse you in the more holistic side the island has to offer whilst exposing you to the warmth and hospitality that epitomizes rural Mallorcan culture.

Should you wish to look further afield there are plenty of opportunities to do this whilst at the same time tasting the vibrancy that the more commercially developed resorts offer. You will have the chance to taste all of what Mallorca has to offer at a pace that suits you.

For more information on the town of Santa Margalida, contact our Mallorca property estate agents.

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