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Mark Zuckerberg celebrates his father's birthday aboard his luxury megayacht in the waters off Majorca

Mark Zuckenberg's Yacht in Mallorca

US tycoon Mark Zuckerberg has celebrated his father’s birthday with his family aboard the megayacht Launchpad, with which he sails through Mallorcan waters.

The founder and owner of Meta, parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is enjoying a few days of rest accompanied by his wife Priscilla Chan, his three daughters, Maxima, August and Aurelia, with whom he arrived last Friday, and also by his parents.

In 2023 his wake in the island’s waters was occupied by Jeff Bezos (60), owner of Amazon and a dizzying fortune of 204 billion dollars. The New Mexico tycoon also chose the Balearic coast to unveil his mega-yacht, the Koru, a formidable three-masted schooner for which he paid 500 million euros.

Bezos arrived on the island by private jet with his partner, the presenter and fellow countrywoman Lauren Sánchez (54). A helicopter transferred them to the 70-metre auxiliary boat, which has its own helipad. The Koru’s support boat is bigger than any yacht owned by the local rich. From there they jumped into their super yacht for a romantic trip around the Mediterranean.

And as there are no two without three, this summer the island has just welcomed a new tech guru megayacht. This week the Launchpad, owned by Mark Zuckerberg (40), the Silicon Valley wunderkind and owner of Facebook (now grouped under his Meta platform), arrived in Mallorca. The blue-hulled yacht was built by the Feadship shipyard, the same as Jack Ma’s, and is valued at 300 million dollars. It is 118 metres long, can accommodate 24 guests and was delivered on 14 May, Zuckerberg’s 40th birthday. It costs 30 million a year to maintain.


The sisters of the Kardashian clan have also spent a few days in Mallorca. Kylie and Kendall Jenner left a colourful trail on their social networks for their 700 million followers to see their Balearic journey, pouting on the deck of a boat in forced wiggles, strolling through the streets of Deià and eating a ‘posh’ version of spring cake, fruit and cream. But where did they stay? The Jenner sisters were on board the yacht ‘Rising Sun’ owned by mogul, producer and Mallorcan summer regular David Geffen. On its splendid deck (for years it has been among the 10 largest yachts on the planet) celebrities such as the Obamas, Tom Hanks, Leonardo Di Caprio and Bruce Springsteen have sailed.

The Launchpad has been docked at the elitist Club de Mar. This is where the great floating palaces of the summer in Palma dock, among them the Venus, the mega-yacht that the guru of all these new gurus, Steve Jobs (Apple), never got to enjoy due to his premature death and now belongs to his widow. Its design, with its neat straight lines, the work of Philippe Starck, is reminiscent of one of Apple’s computers.

Zuckerberg’s boat has been cruising the coastal waters, anchoring in Cala Fornells. Its 48 crew members have been fine-tuning it while awaiting the arrival of its owner, who is allergic to public exposure.

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