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Purchase any Son Vida luxury villa near Palma de Mallorca and see the growth of your investment

Son Vida is a private community situated on the hills above Palma, with jaw dropping city and sea views. When you drive around the 24hr patrolled entrance, you will agree that Son Vida is the best plug for luxury property purchase. The top landscapers and architects in Europe are used to exploring their best progressive works in Son Vida.

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Why a Property in Son Vida?

Investors always come with solid financial support, which implies that when they carry out construction projects, they meet extraordinary standards. For example, some of the projects carried out by organizations like Vivenda property feature very energy-efficient luxury villas within Mallorca. This has successively developed an incredible property catalogue and a very high increase in purchase interest. Over the last five years, transactions of luxury villas in this area have nearly doubled, as indicated by Balearic Properties (Real Estate Agents).

The latest technology adopted with modern design implies how properties are now sold in millions here and even tens of millions, for example, The Chameleon House (completely composed of LED lighting), typically like Mallorca. Whatever your dream is in Son Vida, you will find that property that suits you. Including underground garages, outdoor cinemas, basement saunas, helicopter pads, and infinity pools; the list is endless. Views of Pedro Almodovar and Claudia Schiffer will give you an idea of the type of neighbors you should expect in Son Vida.

Nevertheless, privacy is an utmost priority in the community and you are guaranteed absolute exclusivity when you buy a property in Son Vida.
In Son Vida, modern properties would be sold within 6-9 months and as much as 2 years for other properties. Contemporary design is hot cake in Son Vida, meaning the demand is high. Buyers seeking for stylish home such as in French Riviera and Los Angeles, Son Vida is the right location.

What are the best 5 areas to buy a property Son Vida

Son Vida Hills
The most expensive and largest houses are found in Son Vida Hills. When climbing through the steep hills in this area, you will discover the properties with open gardens and large windows to give you a massive view. The majority of properties here have huge set back away from the road with beautiful vegetation to secure your privacy. You can also find numerous minimalist architecture as well as attractive Mediterranean-style properties.
To have a view of the most outstanding Son Vida properties, you should be on the hills. You can clearly see the whole city and Palma bay – with cutting edge design – which makes their prices very high.

Son Vida Golf
This is Son Vida’s lower part, close to Golf Son Vida. The properties here are more secluded with flat, smooth gardens. Most foreign or Spanish families would prefer these types of properties, especially if they have kids that would love to play on flat terrain in the garden. As expected, with the golf course, the ambience is more rural. Especially in the shadier environs, properties tend to enjoy their green haven, which makes this place perfect for buyers that want tranquil life.

New Son Vida

This is Son Vida’s extension in which plots are developed to meet high demands; which are located in the Son Vida Hills. What makes this different is that its plot size is smaller with at least 1000m2, which is just the average of what you can find in older environs.
Over the last fifteen years, there is a rise in New Son Vida, which fits appropriately with the Old Son Vida. The cranes around the horizon make it difficult to see the beginning and end of the new. You will notice this feature on most properties in Son Vida, irrespective of the age, they go together.

TOP 10 Benefits of Purchasing a Property in Son Vida :

1.- Peaceful and solemn setting
2.- Only one road entrance with round-the-clock security on-site, giving you optimal security
3.- Convenient location. It takes 10 minutes to get to Palma
4.- Mallorca’s only private urbanization
5.- Near Son Rapinya village, suitable for purchasing amenities
6.- Many “turn-key” properties can be accessed (can move in immediately)
7.- Amazing sights overlooking the bay and city of Palma
8.- Old or ugly properties do not exist here
9.- Transport link is good to Palma
10.- Highly respected neighbors from different nationalities

Factors to Consider

- Part of the most expensive areas to purchase in Mallorca per square meter
- Many construction ongoing, so do not be surprised to see lorries and cranes around
- Land spaces are rare
- The urbanization does not have sufficient restaurants and relaxation center to socialize
- Numerous steep hills
- Types of Son Vida Property

The Hills
Most foreign buyers prefer to buy properties in the hills, thereby increasing the architectural shift in this vicinity. This implies that in as much as Mediterranean villas are mostly found here, there are other constructions that do not feature Scandinavian, American, and German design. For the highest price, you should hope to get a five-bedroom home alongside infinity pool, outdoor kitchen, and staff quarters. As expected, the view on land does not give the entire story. For specific purposes such as garage of climate-controlled wine cellar, you will notice some properties maneuvered into the hilltop going underground.
There is a wide variation of Son Vida hill properties compared to Palma Bay. No defining feature of architecture, but you will definitely find luxury. Regardless of your choice, expect to get Mediterranean style finca, Malibu-style home, or neo-classical mansion – all these to impress you.

The Golf Green

The golf courses are surrounded with luxury properties with many trees and vegetation that serve as their shelter. These make properties here more family friendly and the styles are usually Mediterranean layout alongside large pool and garden. Due to the flatter terrain, the driveways are usually large. Terracotta roofing, Mallorca stone, and white exterior are usually used.
Property surrounding Castillo Hotel is quite different; the properties are d developed for buyers whose preference is a smaller type of property. The 16 villas are situated on south-west and are within the range of 400-700m2, each having a private swimming pool and large garden. Residents are usually excited that the properties are around Arabella Golf and Castillo Hotel, which means different offers are accessible, such as discounts on beauty, sports, health, and dining.

Regulations to buy a property in Son Vida Mallorca

Every house offered for sale comes with building licenses. These usually begin at about €1.6 million, but bear in mind that there is a new policy that limit newly constructed property to at least 1000 sqm to provide good privacy. The building experts and highly skilled architects are very many in Palma, you will be given relevant advices and they would ensure the process is as easy as possible.

Experts’ Comments about Purchasing Son Vida Properties

Son Vida’s real estate market has been stable and the price increase is usually between 5 and 7 percent annually. The variation of price increase or decrease is uncommon. This is as a result of the fact that no adverse economic crises or situations affect property owners, so purchasing a property in Son Vida is very safe.”
Son Vida has been known as the most exclusive location in all of Palma. It reflects international beauty and is renowned to accommodate golfers and families.”
“Properties are on the average of 4.5 million euros for sale. Most clients seek for properties within the range of 3-7 million euros.”

Closing Remarks
Son Vida houses the most outstanding properties in Palma, which typically put the ‘Beverly Hills of Mallorca’ on the map. As the years roll by, there is a higher demand and this has brought about a wealthy, cosmopolitan group of residents. This therefore draws the highly experienced and skillful designers and architects of Mallorca to the area, giving it varieties of properties. Like everywhere in Mallorca, as you go up the hill, the more you find very expensive property. This is not obvious than in Son Vida, in which the majority of the luxury properties are situated around the hillside. For buyers who prefers green oasis will not hesitate to reside around the golf course areas, with numerous lakes and trees. To sum up, Son Vida properties feature outstanding styles and architecture, but they have one common peculiarity, “that Luxury Lifestyle.”

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